Business in a Covid Environment

Our tips to assist with operating a business in a Covid environment.

Business in a Covid Environment

No matter how big or small your business is or how long you have been in business, the pandemic has created disruptions across a wide range of industries some have flourished but unfortunately a growing list of small to medium enterprise business have closed or are suffering due to current lockdowns and restrictions.

Our research and development team have analysed some of these business, our research shows these business have not evolved or changed enough since establishing regardless of the Covid impact there business model had been on a decline. Some of the the issues we have identified below: –

Minimal or No Online Presence – Websites Social media pages or google listings

Minimal uptake of technology to increase time and save money.

No Marketing campaigns.

Expenditure overlooked , we have seen many business dont have the time to shop around or negotiate better deals with all their suppliers and utilities.

Staffing Costs

High Cost Rental agreements which have seen many business struggle.


Your business and the future.

Critical operational issues such as reopening of businesses, cashflow pressures, staffing challenges, and financing needs are currently the main critical points.

This is the time to go over your business plan you started with and turn it upside down , re-evaluate it all and modify or re create it.

Its the time to speak to business consultants , financial banks, accountants and landlords to get through this the best way possible.

The more you have in and around your social and business network the better as we tend to support each other ride this wave.

So even if its a post on facebook or Instagram thanking all customers for the support or showing of your new products comign soon you need more than ever to engage.


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